It's cinema a-go-go at HMV

HMV have announced that they’re plonking a mini-cinema on top of their Wimbledon store, in a trial that could be rolled out across the country if it’s a hit. The cinemas could also become part of Waterstones stores, also owned by HMV.

The company have linked up with arthouse chain Curzon Artificial Eye on the 200-seat, three-screen cinema and have said that the movie house will be accessible to customers during trading hours via the store, but will have a separate entrance for out-of-hours screenings.

Earlier in the year, HMV took a 50% stake in 11 live venues around the country, including the Hammersmith Apollo and The Picture House in Edinburgh. Perhaps we’ll see other high street names following HMV’s lead and diversifying into other areas. Anyone for a crack house round the back of Primark?

[Retail Week]


  • mrtinkles
    Strange to launch this at their wimbledon store cos there is a 12 screen Odeon cinema just 100 yards down the road. I know its possibly a different market but it seems a wee bit high risk.
    good marketing ploy, hmv still top dog after all these years investing in live venues was a very good move
  • Cinegoer
    what movies will they show? and what are the prices
  • The B.
    It'll be full of the freeloading Afrikaaners who seem to have declared Wimbledon the UK home of the Boer.
  • Vance G.
    Thanks for the good information

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