Irish Burger King gets potty mouthed with customer

2 April 2015

Customer service law tells you that the customer is always right. Of course, we all know that is very obviously not true as the customer can sometimes be a complete git.

Over in Tralee, in County Kerry, Ireland, someone at Burger King had found they'd just about had enough of pesky customers and their online criticisms.

When Emmet Oh Connor [sic] complained about the Tralee branch having the "worst drive thru service ever" and that "by the time u even make ur order mcdonalds wud have 20 cars done" [again, sic], one of the staffers gave this response.


Even though we tend to side with the consumer, in this instance, we can't help but laugh at the curt response from the employee at Tralee Burger King.

Have it your way, indeed.


  • Albi
    I'm more impressed he got 'their' correct.
  • Father J.
    I wish I was on Facebook so that I could press like on their post. That's the way to deal with illiterate, txt spking chav mongs.
  • you
    2% Battery?!! Are you insane??!!
  • jmecks
    It took just over 2 weeks to respond to the complaint. Life is fairly laid back in Tralee.
  • Errol
    I would have loved this to have been true, but the original post was done on April the 1st. The Tralee Burger King has issued a statement regarding THOSE Facebook comments

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