IMAX to give us a ‘VR experience’

IMAX to give us a ‘VR experience’

If you enjoy the IMAX experience when you're at the cinema, the company behind it has some big ideas!

Of course, IMAX is like the rollercoaster version of movie-watching - it isn't necessarily going to immerse you in the film, but it will be really loud, eye-blistering, and make your brain feel like moist sherbet.

It's big, dumb, fun basically.

Well, IMAX is getting ready to enter the world of virtual reality, which would be amazing if it works out.

Following Google I/O, the company said that they're going to develop the IMAX VR camera, which they describe as "a cinema-grade virtual reality camera".

It'll let producers shoot 360 degrees, in 3D! That sounds incredible and supremely daft, which we're into.

IMAX are going to work with Google on this VR project, and use their Jump platform, and the best bit - they think it'll only take 18 months to develop, which means 360 degree 3D films are that far away into the future, that we should forget all about it.

The company also want to provide Google with existing cinema footage, so that can be converted into VR content.

They're planning to show all this off in shopping centres and department stores, as well as launching VR centers across the world. That means you can eventually try it out for free.

This is great news to mull over, for the weekend.

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