Iceland's last McDonald's goes on tour

The people of Iceland aren't into McDonald's at all. In 2009, the last of the burger chains closed down. And now, like a penny peep show, the last McDonald's meal ever made in Iceland is being taken on tour, and there's a livestream you can watch too. You can see it here, but be warned, it doesn't do much. It's a burger, not a tap-dancer.

This morning, this is what the last Maccies meal looked like.

last McDs

After being in storage, it is now being shown off at the Bus Hostel Reykjavik.

It is also taken out on trips too, with some vaguely artsy photography, and shown off at the hostel's Instagram page (along with a lot of bearded men and pleasant looking countryside). You can visit the hostel's IG page, here.

mcds iceland IG


And for those who think McDonald's make burgers so full of crap that they can't decompose, here's an article which debunks a number of myths surrounding all that.

That's not to say burgers are good for you, but y'know, if this shuts some hippies up for 10 minutes, that'll do us.

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