Hurry! Absolutely ridiculously good deal on John Martyn boxset! 259 songs for £1.19!

8 October 2013

John Martyn[1] Over on HUKD, it's all going off as a deal is doing the rounds which is too good to be true, especially if you're a fan of British folk music.

For a paltry £1.19, you can download 259 tracks by John Martyn as part of the John Martyn Island Collection.

Some people are kicking off and demanding refunds because, through another deal, some paid just over £7. These people are clearly cheapskates and pushing their luck as that's still a bargain.

However, if you missed it and want in, click here to see the outrageously good deal before some office bod at Amazon gets a memo to nuke what seems to be an error on the company's part.

If you check the comments on the deal, you might even be able to get all that music for free! Knock yourselves out!

Includes the excellent 'Stormbringer', 'Bless The Weather' and 'Solid Air' LPs and loads, loads more.

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