Human Centipede Cat Toy

Want to buy a cute little toy for your pwecious wickle puddy cat to play with? Is Tiddles bored by balls of wool and fuzzy felt things attached to elastic? More importantly, are you bored of all that caper? Well, why don't you make your way to Etsy and buy a Human Centipede cat toy. It'll cost you a staggering $100.

human centipede toy


  • piggy
    Suck that arse, more like!
  • Si
    Just one question ... why?
  • A. K.
    It represents Society. and teaches kitties the Class system. Upper Class people get their bums licked by Middle Class people, who in turn also get their bums licked by lower class people. Then you have chavs.
  • Internet T.
    You're right Basil - they always do..... they always do......
  • Russell
    Human Centipede is a horror film. Wiki it. Even reading about it made me sick. Put me right off rimming as well...
  • dvdj
    I watched it out of curiousity. Not really that gory and just weird really. Girlfriend didn't like it mind!
  • Spark
    Fucking wrong.
  • Ant
    Just so WRONG! :[
  • How B.
    [...] the same source as the The Human Centipede cat toy, and representing far better value for money, we offer up to you… the Doggie Boob [...]
  • vibeone
    i like peado's

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