How to get Centre Court tickets for tomorrow's Wimbledon

TennisGirl_450x675 Sick of the World Cup and yearning for some good old-fashioned Wimbledon-style tennisball action instead? Have you even dreamt of visiting the glorious tournament itself and look on in the rain from Centre Court while Cliff Richard does the singalong, but find it impossible to get tickets? All that frustration could be at an end.

HotUKDeals legend and all-round good guy acecatcher3 has popped up on the HUKD forum with a heads-up about 500 Centre Court tickets for  £45.10 each that go on sale every evening at 8.30pm, and what you have to do in order to get your paws on some.

As acecatcher says: “I went last year with my friend and its a great day out. The seats are at the back but still a great view and well worth the money in my opinion!”

He adds that: “Centre Court tickets also allow you to watch courts 3-19 for free!! If you do decide to try it, good luck!”

Ping! Pow! Let! Foot fault! CHAMPIONSHIP POINT! And all that…


  • riverScrap
    Wimbledon has been doing this for a couple of years now via TicketMaster, and in 2008 I managed to get Centre Court tix for the men's finals. The tickets literally disappear in a flash, so make sure you're already logged into TicketMaster; make sure your credit card details are already saved in your account details; and obviously make sure you broadband isn't rubbish. Every second counts. The alternative:
  • acecatcher3
    thanks andy, HUKD member Barky also pointed out that another 500tickets are sold at noon everyday for the next days play so really you get two chances every day! good luck to anyone that tries it!!
  • Nobby
    This year there is an added bonus that you might get the opportunity to assassinate the queen.
  • Zeddy
  • Ten B.
    [...] to get Centre Court tickets for tomorrow’s [...]

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