HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 21st July

hukd_logob1 As ever at HotUKDeals today, there’s been plenty of heat awarded to brilliant gadgety stuff like a game, an SDHC card, a hard drive and a Blu-ray player. But we’re not going to bother with any of that stuff for a change...

cineworld_cinemas_west_india_quayFirst we offer you the chance to get a 2-for-1 ticket at your nearest Cineworld picture house, where you’ll be able to take in such celluloidular treats as Toy Story 3, Avatar, Shampoo, Citizen Kane and Basil Brush: Pissed In Yonkers.

The catch is that you have a to be a student in order to qualify for the offer, but what better excuse would you need to sign up for a course and improve your education. The entire Bitterwallet crew recently started a music recording course and our first single, Fuck Christmas, will be out next month.

722992_1Next comes an essential item if you’re planning to take to the great outdoors over the summer and do some high-octane camping. It’s a portable gas stove and you can have one for only £6.98 delivered.

As ever, we would warn strongly against using this as an instrument of torture, but if your enemy/nemesis has done something to you that really warrants it, we’re prepared to turn a blind eye. Just this once.

723688_1Finally, you’ll need something to cook on your fancy new outdoor gas stove. To be perfectly honest, we couldn’t care less about what you lot eat, but here’s a couple of things that are on the cheap at the moment and are as good as anything.

There’s a 1.5kg pack of new potatoes that you can have for just 59p or a 3-pack of brightly-coloured peppers for only 79p. There you go – everything you’ll need for potato and pepper outdoor pan mash. Yum!

(deals found by HUKD members DarrylJohn, lovesbargains and lucerysmum)

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  • Donstallion
    "...everything you'l need for potato and pepper outdoor pan mash..." ...except a pan or masher...

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