HMV get into the music download bear pit

HMVdigital HMV are continuing with their diversification plans so that they don’t go the same way as the late, lamented Our Price. Not content with planning to open cinemas in their stores, they’re now going toe-to-toe with iTunes and Amazon with the launch of a new music download service,

The move comes after HMV acquired download service 7digital last year, and they say that customers will be able to pre-order tracks, gift purchases to friends and re-download previous purchases for free. It’s a veritable hammer-attack against their cyber-rivals and no mistake.

HMVdigital are promising free tracks for selected early adopters (whatever that means), a limited offer of 40p per track for all Top 40 chart choons and chart albums for only £4.99 at launch. If THAT doesn’t stop you all from nicking your music for free, then NOTHING will.


  • james d.
    hmm it is still infinitely more than free though
  • Stewie G.
    "a limited offer of 40p per track for all Top 40 chart choons " Not true. "From" 40p.
  • Howard M.
    I was sure they had a download service a couple of years ago. If that went tits up then what's the confidence that this one won't as well?
  • Youngyy
    Since HMV Group's acquisition of MAMA group earlier this year it now owns the following London venues: HMV Hammersmith Apollo, HMV Forum, Jazz Cafe, Relentless Garage, The Borderline, Heaven, G-A-Y and Barfly Camden; the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh, Warehouse in Aberdeen, the HMV Institute in Birmingham and Barfly Cardiff. It also operates live music events including the Lovebox festival, The Great Escape festival, Global Gathering, Escape Into The Park and High Voltage festival. With other interests in artist management and event production, its growth is a whole lot more than just music downloads.
  • Stewie G.
    I think it went tits down
  • PokeHerPete
    Did someone say tits?
  • Pies
    I love pies
  • Stewie G.
    Tits and pies!
  • Top n.
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  • Darren
    Be a nice change from Itunes, but whats the price after the offer?? I really like the HMV stuff at the moment, the site is just as cheap as Play and really quick delivery, along wit the PUREHMV loyalty scheme i think they are starting to turn things around, fingers crossed for this little venture.
  • bob
    Probably because the old HMV digital had DRM tracks whereas these are MP3s - plus downloading (legal anyway) is more popular now than it was then.
  • bob
    Stewie Griffin - Not true "exactly" 40p.
  • Peter
    Can you download the batman theme ? I love listening to it whilst eating tits and pies.
  • The B.
    They basically bought the Mean Fiddler group, which means that O2 and HMV own most of Londons music venues.
  • smashingnicey
    lamented Our Price? Really? Our Price was utter pants.
  • Matt
    As long as I don't have to download Itunes i'll give it a whirl.
  • Howard M.
    iTunes is even worse than Sonicstage (before they got rid of it). You can't even browse music on their website unless you have it installed.
  • d72
    40p a track? Rip off :D
  • Ten B.
    [...] HMV get into the music download bear pit [...]

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