Hands up if you fancy burger flavoured ice-cream

burger_ice_cream Earlier in the week, it was 'National Burger Day', which everyone observed with a minute's silence while gnawing on a live cow.

To mark the occasion, some bright spark produced a burger-flavoured ice cream.

The weird treat came with candied bacon and dill gherkin ripple and customers were given the option of having tomato sauce squirted all over it too.

"In naming August 27 as National Burger Day and kicking off with this legendary burger ice cream, we are celebrating the ingenuity and versatility of the British burger and giving Britons a chance to lay claim to the burger as a British staple," said organiser Jonathan Pile.

Meanwhile, no-one gave the vaguest shit.


  • Mustapha S.
    "Meanwhile, no-one gave the vaguest shit." Apart from you, who felt compelled to write / steal an article on it.
  • iForgot
    Do they do fur burger flavour?
  • no s.
    I'd put mine between her baps.
  • fibbingarchie
    I'd have thought that eating burger flavoured ice cream WOULD lead to giving a vague shit.

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