Greggs announce 'fish custard' for Whovians

We're not sure if Greggs have started having glue on their Corn Flakes in the mornings, but over on their website, they've announced something called 'fish custard'.

fish custard

You can have a look at their page here - - which is accompanied by this: "In a rush? Too busy for lunch, followed by pudding? 1 out of 11 Doctors recommend Fish Custard. Perhaps the greatest sweet-savoury invention since the Yorkshire Pudding... Fish Fingers & Custard make a delicious snack."

**edit** Turns out this is a reference to Doctor Who. Thanks to all the Sheldon Cooper's who pointed that out to us.


  • Matt S.
    Yeah it is a joke right.. and you fell for it. Another great scoop Mof
  • Andrew B.
    Hello, It's a Doctor Who joke! "1 out of 11 Doctors "
  • Dionaeamuscipula
    FFS. I presume everyone at Bitterwallet is too busy ineptly transposing stories from the red tops and reprinting urban legends as if they were actual news stories to watch TV. Its a Doctor Who reference. Apparently its the 50th anniversary this weekend. Who knew? DM
  • Sheldon C.
    Wait, so even if you didn't know what Doctor Who was you still thought this was a real story?! Did the very idea of fish custard not raise any questions?!
  • badger
    Doctor Who? You mean the children's programme?
  • Michael S.
    Sheldon Cooper’s what? Learn to use the apostrophe properly, fuckwit.
  • Sarah
    Well said, Michael :-)

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