Government announces plan for new law on dodgy apps

9 May 2013

kid with app There's going to be a new law against faulty apps, say our beloved government. The Queen, not up to much these days, outlined her principles of a new Consumer Rights Bill in a speech delivered to parliament which allows you to claim compensation for faulty apps, music and movies purchased online.

For gamers, this means that, should you buy a game that keeps crashing or freezing, you'll be able to get your money back or a replacement.

Same goes for films and music.

Jo Swinson, the consumer minister, said: "Stronger consumer protection and clearer consumer rights will help create a fairer and stronger marketplace."

"We are fully aware that this area of law over the years has become unnecessarily complicated and too confusing, with many people not sure where to turn if they have a problem."

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  • dean
    How can this be proven? It could be my own fault if I buy a game my phone isn't good enough for.
  • Darren
    By and large you can't download apps to a phone that doesn't run the supported software. Many Android users fall foul of that. So if an app is shit, it's usually because the app is shit. What would be more of an issue though is whether someone will bother pushing for a refund on 69p, unless there was a button to report the app and request a refund.
  • Kevin
    'By and large you can’t download apps to a phone that doesn’t run the supported software. Many Android users fall foul of that. So if an app is shit, it’s usually because the app is shit.' Surely that's the fault of the user not having the latest version of the OS? Something consistently crashing is interesting though. As wouldn't this also include online gaming where you require game servers? Downtime = refund under law is interesting. For how long would you need to be without something for it to count?
  • Troll
    Wonder if EA are shitting it yet over the SimCity debacle....

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