Girls Aloud's Nadine to release album only through Tesco

Nadine+Coyle*BEEP* The sausages go through *BEEP* Followed by Tesco Value beef paste *BEEP* Four tins of cat food. *BEEP* Nadine Coyle's first ever solo album.

Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle is releasing her first album exclusively with Tesco, which seems peculiar. Mainly because you'd think she'd sell more copies if she sold it through... I dunno... loads of different shops. Is your average curious pop fan likely to change their shopping habits over the possibility of buying some faux grown-up LP from a singer from a pop group that has, quite possibly, four members more popular than her?

The album, called 'Insatiable', is available to buy from Tesco on November 8th (with a single of the same name available on November 1st), which equates her music with things like scratch cards and tins of vegetables in brine.

Coyle says of it all: “So much has changed in the way artists work now. I think we have learned that the traditional model for selling an album isn’t the only way of doing things. To be able to create an album where you are in complete control of your own work is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an artist.”

Of course, it's not that different from artists who have given away their work with the Daily Mail or Starbucks... but at least with the latter, there's some bullshit lifestyle choice involved. People associate buying overpriced coffee with stupid Italian names as having an air of sophistication... but Tesco? Really?

Naturally, this album is going to sell by the bucket-load and presumably she's coining it in by signing an exclusivity deal with Britain's most notorious retailer... so is this the future of releasing music?


  • PokeHerPete
    Wouldn't it be awkward buying this with a pack of johnnys?
  • Gunn
    didnt even know she was still doing music, thought she went to America to open a bar.
  • Paul C.
    There have been a few tracks floating around that the label are trying to get remixed by major artists. No one wants to touch them - even Jive Bunny shelved this one. Something fishy is afoot (and thats not the fish counter). Perhaps Nadine has conceded that this album is destined to somewhat of a Christmas pressie and Tesco have jumped on it without knowing much about music thinking they can flog it alongside Tizer and Alphabites. It would be silly if they didn't somehow tie it into the Tesco Entertainment website as well - but I can see that opportunity being squandered as well. Tesco really know fuck-all about marketing artists apart from - stack 'em high and flog it cheap. Career of the most pretentious member of Girls Aloud decimated by a supermarket? Every little helps.
  • Darren
    This makes sense from Tesco's point of view, They give her 1p per CD sold, sell it at a markup of 10p on the production cost, sell loads of them at 50p because she so cheap, I mean the CD so cheap. and as usual Tesco Wins, she makes £5 or so from sales, etc etc.. Tesco get all this free advertising..
  • kev
    they're going to sell 500 copies Darren? are you mad? they'll be lucky to sell 5 :D
  • Steve
    PokeHerPete - that's exactly the sort of thing that self-service checkouts were invented for
  • crap
    is she signed with Tesco (newly formed record label)? If so then this is yet again, none- news from bitter wallet. Expect this sort of stuff from andy dawson but not you mofhofbofwoftofrofgof
  • Nobby
    I've never heard of her before but I would like to have sexual intercourse with her. I might even buy her album if she gives me a blow job too.
  • The B.
    @PokeHerPete, no it wouldn't, in fact, you'd put the CD face down and the johnnys on top in the vain hope it would detract attention from your purchase.
  • Darren
    @kev You know granny's these days by bad CD's for the kids rather than the old knitted jumpers! CD's are cheaper!
  • Alexis
    I can't tell the girls in Girls Aloud apart. Apart from the ginger one obviously.
  • Palmface
    Way to encourage piracy. Everyone who would've bought it but can't be arsed to go to Tesco is just gonna download it now!
  • AbbLisa
    hahaha bucket
  • Boom S.
    Surely this won't mean she'll sell any less albums? The folk who would most likely buy her music more likely than not buy their music from Tesco anyway '....oooh those Black Eye Peas are sooo funky.....'
  • Murdochstesticles
    From memory wasnt Gary Glitter on a Debenhams record label or have I been listening to Nadines CD too long. When I say listening I mean cracking one off over the shiny CD case of her loveliness whilst listening to white noise Every little whelks
  • PickandPull L.
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