Get pizza delivered to your bus stop!

Get pizza delivered to your bus stop!

Ever been sat on the bus, and thought "crikey, I could absolutely murder a pizza right now?"

Or indeed, have you been on the commute home, and wanted someone to hand you some food as soon as you get off?

Well, there's plans by Dominos to let you order a pizza to the bus stop of your choice, while you order on your travels.

The trial, which if successful will roll out across the UK, will let customers order from the menu by phone while sat on the bus, and their hot pizza will await them at their chosen stop.

Dominos are trialling this in Blackpool first. Although, there's enough great chippies in Blackpool that you shouldn't have to order a pizza while sat on the number 7 bus to Lytham.

You may remember the man who got a pizza delivered to him at a train station - well, that clearly got Dominos thinking about it, and now they're going for the nation's bus stops.

Domino's operations director, David Woods, said: "We like a challenge at Domino's, so after successfully delivering pizza to a train, we wanted to go one step further and offer people pizza to a bus."

Full marks to anyone who pratfalls on a slice of pizza during the rush hour and gives everyone a good laugh.

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