Germans accused of sexist sausages

Bitterwallet - the German sausage briefcase A German supermarket chain is being shouted at for having sexist sausages. No, it isn't to do with the inherent phallic shape of bangers and the implication of patriarchy that comes with it.

That would be stupid.

Edeka has been marketing different types of sausage at either men or women. Lean sausages are for ladies, while the hearty and strongly spiced snags are for men.

Feminist writer Antje Schrupp lambasted the whole thing as 'dull sexism'.

In a piece, she quoted a letter to Edeka from fellow journalist Susanne Enz which read: "Of course you can react to it as if it's just a joke, and presumably most sausage-buyers will do that."

"But your choice of name and accompanying advertising is still the expression and promotion of a - in the best case - thoughtless normative sexism, which gives each gender a 'right' role to play, with a built-in hierarchy."

"That affects the perceptions of people - even in small, seemingly trivial, playful contexts - and stands stubbornly in the way of gender equality."

Schrupp also noted that lady sausages were more expensive: "It's a general problem... I've seen women's and men's mustard as well. Often for children, of course."

They do look like dicks as well.


  • ryouga
    Yet if they made the female sausages the bigger ones they would still be accused of sexism for saying women are fat, this is the problem with so called equality women can say what they want and can not be wrong yet a mans opinion even if its by accident is sexist, or wrong
  • TeflonMan
    Jokes about German sausage are the wurst!
  • fibbingarchie
    Well I lambast Antje Schrupps comments as ‘dull writing’. It's clear she's not getting any man sausage, no sense of humour, getting upset about, as she quotes, 'small, seemingly trivial, playful contexts'. What a neurotic!
  • Elise
    Maybe, just a thought here, maybe we shouldn't have unnecessarily gendered products such as these sausages. As opposed to reversing the situation, lets get rid of the issue entirely.
  • TeddyEdward
    There should be more spicy sausages for rug munchers. In fact they should be compulsory.
  • kudos
    Elise has a point. As a meat lover I enjoy all varieties of meat. Venison for exams is very lean but extremely tasty. I think I would be put off if it was marketed as a woman's product. Equally I expect there are a number of women who would be put off treating themselves to a fatty meat if it was marketed as a butch thing to eat. Ironically, capitalism will win ultimately because a rival won't narrow down their customer base.

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