Furby is back for Christmas

Furby is back for Christmas

Remember Furbies? With their dead eyes and robot beaks? Well, they're back and they're already being hyped up as a must-have Christmas present.

And they're not cheap. If you're thinking of getting your child one, you might need to start saving now.

Of course, this is 2016, so Furby comes with a few changes this time around.

As ever, the creature is interactive so you can talk to it and teach it things, but this now, it also has Bluetooth technology, and links up to an app so you can do things with it via a tablet.

It links up with videos, music, and games. Oh, and it still speaks, so expect to have a toy that blarts on incessantly while you're trying to not throw it across the street in frustration.

It can also tell you what mood it is in thanks to colour animations on its LCD screen eyes, which means after you've launched it, it can tell you it is disappointed in you as you fish it out of a neighbour's garden.

It also defecates, which is something everyone wants from a toy, obviously.

They're just shy of £100, which is not to be sniffed at, and Argos have them on pre-order now for £99.99.

A place called BonanzaMarket has them for £93.40, which is one of the better prices you'll see.

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Sorry if we seem dismissive about the whole thing, but we've seen Westworld and we think little robots like this will always end up in disaster. It says more about us, clearly.

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