Free music for Vodafone customers this Friday

As promotions go, it's one to place in the circular file next to the desk called "nobody gives a toss". Vodafone have launched a Real-Time Top 40 to gauge the most popular songs in the here-and-now. Does anybody care? Of course they don't.

Music charts meant something when the holy trinity of Radio 1, Bruno Brookes and Woolworths (for the most part) created a weekly event the nation paused for. Then marketing became king, musical went digital and a fixed yardstick the audience could judge music by just didn't work anymore. That's not to say radio doesn't keep flogging this lifeless skin of a nag, but the truth is nobody is too bothered. We don't use the charts as a means of discovery anymore, we glance at them out of antiquated interest.

Bitterwallet - free music from Vodafone this Friday

Vodafone launched their real-time nonsense to promote something or another, we don't recall what. What you do need to know is this: if you're a Vodafone customer, you get to download 10 songs from the Vodafone Music catalogue - all DRM free - for free this Friday. Mind, if we catch you keeping Patrick Swayze's She's Like The Wind at the top of this chart, there'll be hell on.


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