Four people scrap over £1 chicken pie

sainsburys We like a good scrap in a shop at Bitterwallet. And so, to Torquay, where a mother has been brawling with a couple in a Sainsbury's, in a squabble over a £1 chicken and mushroom pie. If you're going fight over something, make sure it is as important as pie.

Anyway, Polly-Victoria Turner said her auntie went to pick up a pie at the Sainsbury’s in Torquay, when it all kicked off. The aunt was pinned on the floor and had her hair pulled, before other people in the shop got involved and broke it all up.

The police are looking into the matter, after one witness said that she saw two women fighting ‘like savages’ on the floor. Over a pie, remember. A pie that costs a single, British pound.

Miss Turner said she was defending herself: "My daughter was hysterical. She thought I was going to die. I suffered a split lip and bruising to my arms. Around six to ten men tried to get them off me... but they left their newborn child in a car seat on top of a trolley and walked away and left her there for a while."

The lady was wearing Wellington boots, if anyone has any information. If that doesn't narrow it down, it might be worth thinking of wellie-wearers who like pie way too much. The man who was also involved, was wearing a farmer hat. Honestly. We know this sounds like a Hale & Pace sketch, but this actually happened.

Sainsbury’s told Metro: "We can confirm there was an incident in our Torquay store and we are helping the police with their inquiries.


  • Xyguru
    Funnier than any actual Hale & Pace sketch
  • Chris
    Clearly worth more than £1, if people are prepared to fight over it. An opportunity for a bit of gouging (price, or eye) when stock approaches zero ;)
  • Shopper
    The Metro report, although stating the fight was "over the pie" doesn't give any details what was going on, perhaps actually it was nothing to do with the pie. And in any case, retail cost is often of little relevance if, for example, a person takes something in your possession.
  • Borris
    If you want to Wright a story at least get your facts right first
  • Bottom I.
    Wright a story? Borris you befuddled moron, I love you. Stick to wiff waff.
  • Father J.
    One might have expected this in Farmfoods, but not Sainsburys!
  • Germaine G.
    If theywere checking for nut contents, there were clearly some present in Sainsbury's that day (probably from mumsnet towers).

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