Faulty cable box filled with reptiles

An engineer had something of a fright when he found a nest of reptiles in a Virgin TV cable box.

Martin Burgess-Moon, a man with a wonderful name from Devon, noticed he had a problem when his TV signal started buggering up and his internet access failed.

Turned out to be something akin to a Chris Morris sketch.

"The internet at our home in Whitleigh went down and our TV picture was dodgy, so we called Virgin who sent an engineer out," Burgess-Moon said. "When he opened the box outdoors he discovered what looked like a nest of snakes."

"It appeared to be a mother with lots of babies, all wrapping themselves around the cables. He was worried but soldiered on nonetheless. Thankfully our internet and TV are now working. Our guests remain in the box and can stay as long as they like."

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