Fancy some Hitler or Diabetes Nutella?

23 September 2015

Nutella decided to let people write their own labels, partly as a bit of fun, and of course, to get a promotional campaign going. Everyone took pictures of Coke cans with their names on, and gave Coca-Cola free advertising - why wouldn't it work for Nutella?

The campaign was called 'Make Me Yours' and kicked off in Australia... and that's when everyone started taking the piss.

Naturally, there were jokes about how much sugar is in Nutella...

Nutella personalised labels campaign backfires

And then there were ones that were just a bit odd...

Nutella personalised labels campaign backfires

And then came the ones that just wanted to put horrible words on a label for everyone to see...

Nutella personalised labels campaign backfires

Then, because this is the internet, Godwin's Law applied and someone made a Nutella jar that said Hitler on it.

Nutella personalised labels campaign backfires

A spokesman for Nutella said: "Ferrero Australia launched the Nutella ‘Make Me Yours’ personalised label campaign earlier this week. The initiative allows fans of Nutella to personalise their very own jar of Nutella."

"Although some people have chosen to use the campaign as an opportunity to create and post less than appropriate images online, most consumers have embraced it in the manner it was intended."

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