Fancy a Kit Kat sandwich?

23 March 2015

Japan again, where culinary rules are thrown out of the window and everyone is invited to cook-up and assemble all manner of fantastical nonsense for you to pop in your flapping gob.

So what have we got this time? Well, if you read the headline, you'll know we've got a nice Kit Kat sandwich for you to mull over.

As this is Japan, where they have Kit Kats that taste like Baked Potato and even Wasabi flavours, you'll be pleased to know that this particular sandwich deals with the trad. arr. Kit Kat that you know and love.

kit-kat sandwich

This is the brainchild of First Kitchen, and as you might be able to work out, the dish consists of a muffin, enough whipped cream to give you instant diabetes, some bits of orange to make you feel healthy and a Kit Kat.

We translated the description from the site, and this Kit Kat sandwich has "outstanding compatibility with coffee, ease of use as a dessert" and has been "developed with the aim of glutinous mouthfeel".

If you're in Japan, it'll cost you £1.25ish and if you're not, you are no doubt capable enough of making your own.

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  • Ricky B.
    Erm, no thanks! Although I am partial to a Kit Kat or three; the thought of devouring it between two slices of bread leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it's not the chocolate kind...
  • jim
    well i'd give it a go. whats the worst that could happen?
  • Daniel
    So glad you referred to the bread as a muffin.
  • Shiftynifty
    Jim, diabetes
  • jim
    ahh yes thanks shifty didnt think about that
  • soapy
    It's a fucking barm. Muffins are either cakes such as a Blueberry Muffin or English Muffins you eat for breakfast.
  • Father J.
    That looks fucking rank.

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