Fancy a cherry and chocolate sandwich?

18 November 2015

All the shops and food-retailers get in the Christmas spirit with some special products. You're not experiencing the yule period properly unless you've burned your insides with a Greggs 'Festive Bake'.

Well, Tesco are getting in on the action with something that is... well... mystifying. That's not to say we won't try it. You can get, in the Meal Deal, a cherry and chocolate sandwich.

wtf sandwich

Are chocolate and cherry sandwiches a proper Christmas thing that completely passed Bitterwallet by?

Either way, you can get the sarnie, which is billed as a chocolate and cherry marscapone on cinnamon bread affair. Sounds like pudding, rather than a main.

It'll cost you £1.80, and it'll sit alongside the usual turkey, pork and apple and whatnot sandwiches, as usual. Go on. Buy one and review it for us.

[image c/o of Nic Soapdish]

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