Face value ticket-selling site closed by bad-minded fraud addicts

scarletmist An ethical ticket exchange website has been forced to close down after being targeted by fraudsters. Scarlet Mist allowed tickets to be traded at face value, in an attempt to match up genuine music fans and keep the sharks and the touts away. Sadly, it looks as though the experiment has failed.

The site has been running since 2003 and was relatively small-scale but a great source of sold-out tickets, with 1,200 tickets traded every month. Users either listed the tickets they had available to sell or the ones that they wanted, with the service being free. A statement on it said: “We have been forced to close the site because of the unacceptably high levels of fraud carried out by a small number of criminals. We are desperately sorry to let the rest of you down.”

Unfortunately, site owner Richard Marks (not this one) says that fraudsters have been selling bogus tickets using changeable contact details and email addresses, with one believed to have made an estimated £1,000.

Marks added that, “It breaks our hearts to see genuine music fans being stolen from by scum. We set up Scarlet Mist to be a service to the community. We're devastated whenever we hear a buyer has been cheated of their money and we no longer feel able to provide a service that allows these cheats to prosper. We're gutted that the bad guys have beaten us.”

Bye bye Scarlet Mist – you were a beautiful hippy dream that was crushed by utter bastards.



  • ElBuc
    I don't know why venues don't just have a returns policy - you give or send the tickets back to the venue - if they get re-sold at the box office for face value you just pick up your money after. If the gig is not already sold out then you get 75% or something like that. If venues had the balls then they could stop the touts.
  • Brandon H.
    I'd never heard of the site, but still see it as a shame. I hate reseller sites like viagogo because, while they do give some fraud protection, they add stupid amounts of fees on top. An advertised £65 ticket becomes over £90 (example used is a ticket for rammstein manchester MEN). The potential solution to touts would be tickets that have some kind of id printed to them to stop people other than the original holders from using them. However, this would also mean someone who genuinely couldnt go to the event (work,illness,lack of transport) cannot sell them on to another needy fan.
  • br04dyz
    Used SM a few times...always OK but there did seem to be a gapping hole in the "are these tickets real" issue. Saying that, I almost got nailed on ebay by a thieving parasite for tickets this year so I guess nowhere is safe...unless you use TicketMasters GetMeIn the only site where the tickets you actually want at 9am friday morning seem to magically appear at 8:55am....hmmm

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