Exploding bra that detects true love

true love bra It is hard to know when you're in love. Maybe you get a knot of excitement in your stomach and feel weak at the knees. Or maybe, you find yourself thinking about someone all the time while masturbating furiously? Or maybe it is a palpable sense of desperation that sweats out of your back like you're Moe Syzlak?

Either way, scientists have had to test all these things for a new bra which can only be taken off if the lady wearing it is feeling the love.

In fact, this bra isn't taken off, rather, it automatically unhooks itself when the wearer feels excited.

The bra - called the True Love Tester - was made in conjunction with "human sexuality specialists" to create a "revolutionary new bra that knows how women truly feel."

The device will detect whether a lady is in love (or on a rollercoaster or maybe watching Idris Elba on the telly or mashed out of her mind on MDMA) and, hey presto! Her underwear will explode off her body whether she likes it or not!

At least you'll know if your girlfriend really fancies someone else now. Anyway, have a look at the commercial for the bra below and just imagine all the bras pinging into the air at a Take That gig.


  • Gentle.Giant
    Exploding bra that detects true love... or a heart attack.
  • Zeddy
    Tits go bust.
  • The M.
    You looking at my Bra?
  • shiftynifty
    Tits or Face....
  • Obat H.
    innovative bra..
  • Jonny
    The Abracadabra
  • Tim W.
    Please remove this article from the top of your site as it's not really SFW
  • amazon s.
    Suitable For Wanking? The mess in my tissue disagrees.
  • Fuller L.
    [...] Source: Metro Online and BitterWallet [...]

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