Every hole's a goal, apparently

Ever wanted to fire a jet of your goo down a dark hole? Ever wanted to obliterate a load of compacted brown stuff with your powerful, arcing liquid?

Well, you should visit www.EveryHolesaGoal.com which will allow you to do exactly that.


Of course, this is a bawdy marketing campaign by Buster, who make gunk that unblocks sinks and the such. If you like your products on the side of FNARR!, then this is the one for you, pappy.


  • samuri
    Ha, i remember this "none working" shit supposedly being exclusive to QVC for shit tons of cash but at the same time being left on the shelves at Lidl for a quid,COZ IT'S SHIT!
  • Les D.
    @samuri You won't be buying any then?

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