eBay seller uses grandma to flog stuff

Nanas are the best. They provide biscuits and cantankerous wisdom which you try and ignore, and ultimately end up agreeing with. Well, one eBay vendor has decided to use their gran as a model.

This lady is 94-years-old, and she's like the models from Wheel of Fortune.


For some reason, this eBay seller seems to have a load of old weapons and things made of wood. And nana is of course, on hand to wield them in photographs on the internet.


This lady is actually the auntie of the seller in question, but she looks more like a granny to us, and we're sticking with that. She's related to the Bulgarian eBay seller called 'retrooobg', and to finish off, here's our favourite photograph of her.


If you'd like to see more of her, then click here to visit the eBay page she graces.


  • Fat H.
    Blimey, Carol Vorderman has not aged well.
  • Maggie T.
    phwoar - bit of alright int she
  • Fagin
    I hear she's pretty keen on showing her axe wound to all the boys.

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