EasterWatch: Marmite and Pot Noodle eggs are now things

EGGS Calm down the rioting, lovers of Pot Noodle and Marmite, for there IS an Easter egg for you after all.

Yes, Unilever have brought out Easter eggs for both their unique products, which they hope will 'broaden the appeal of Easter'. Bloody Hell.

Each egg will have flavours of each product embedded within the chocolate, which may sound a bit mental, but actually might be quite nice. However, we at Bitterwallet can only go so far in fields of research, and will await public consensus before running to the nearest confectioners on this occasion.

Unilever has formed a partnership with the confectionery firm Kinnerton to deliver the chocolate egg which carries hints of Marmite and is promoted under the slogan ‘love it or hate it’.

Ah, they're sticking with that slogan. One day Marmite will realise that people either love something or hate something in general, and their whole pitch will be rumbled.

The firm’s UK head of licensing Julie McCleave said: "Building on the success of our first ever Easter egg launch last year with iconic ice cream brands Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk, we wanted to bring something new to the Easter egg market once again for 2015. "By broadening the appeal of the Easter egg fixture, we anticipate that the new additions will drive sales for retailers by offering an exciting new product from brands that consumers know and love.’

The Easter egg market is worth a whopping £365 million a year in the UK, so understandably, Marmite and Pot Noodle want in on a bit of that. Kinnerton’s Rachel Wyatt said: "Easter isn’t just for kids. We want to bring fun to Easter fixtures by using these two iconic brands. The Marmite Easter egg, which shoppers will either love or hate, combines Marmite with chocolate."

'Easter fixtures'. Good grief. Each egg will set you back a fiver.


  • Han S.
    Normal Kinnerton chocolate tastes like shit so god knows what this abomination will be like
  • MarmiteHole
    Marmite had already released a chocolate bar a year or two ago so it's hardly a leap for that product. Anyone who buys a Pot Noodle egg needs shooting at the till.
  • Packie B.
    "Anyone who buys a Pot Noodle egg needs shooting at the till." Perhaps the egg already comes 'fully loaded' and explodes upon biting. If so, we will all owe the creators a debt of gratitude.
  • Fagin
    Kinnerton ..well that is not chocolate not by a long shot, a firm known for some real dross that probably tastes alright only if you have eaten nothing but lacklustre hershey chocliate yer entire life & are not breathing. mug punters, ...mug unilever, eggs in mugs & cups egg cups. love marmite, hate kinnerton.

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