Dundee are offering 'blow jobs'

We've been doing our bit and pointing you in the direction of some jobs for Christmas, and remarkably, a number of readers and drive-by commenters have been under the illusion that Bitterwallet's comment section is the place to leave a message for a big corporation, so they'll get back to you.

So with that, it could be very interesting if people don't read this article properly and end up offering their services for this that we spotted online.


Now, it might look like the city of Dundee is offering fellatio on a major scale, but sadly, that's not the case.

The Courier newspaper dropped a clanger as the newspaper headline should have actually said 'major jobs blow', but some cheeky so-and-so cut the sheet up and rearranged the words. Good work, to whoever did that, obviously.

"If you actually look closely you can see the lines… Some cheeky scamp has come along and taken his chances," said the Courier’s news editor Alan Richardson. "But there we are, it’s one of those things. Not a big deal."

We look forward to people leaving their numbers for that.


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