Dubai unveil police Ferrari

The British police force have had a series of boring cars done up like pandas as they try and catch villains, but in Dubai, they've won everything hands down by unveiling a Ferrari FV as their new squad car.

That's in addition to the Lamborghini Aventador that officers already use. Oh, and the Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Dodge Charger and a BMW 5-Series that they have too. They're just showing off aren't they?



Police chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said: "Dubai is a unique city and everything in it should reflect its uniqueness and for that reason police will add a Ferrari sports car to its patrol fleet. We have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people to the Lamborghini, so we said a Ferrari would be a good choice too."


  • badger
    She'd never be allowed into a bank with her hoodie pulled up like that.
  • crap
    This story is about a week or two old! Come on Mof, I thought the maximum time for recycled stories at BW was a couple days, maximum.
  • Grammar N.
    You won't get much torture equipment in the boot of one of those.
  • Yubbs B.
    The British Police have had a fair few luxury sports cars to ponce around in. The met and Scottish forces have had some cracking cars, maybe if BW is going to regurgitate old news they would like to include something that is applicable to us here in the UK.
  • Dick
    The British police have had their own suer cars for ages, google it BW and regurgitate some more old news
  • jack p.
    One of the tags is odd stuff You should rename it OLD STUFF Fuck, these and your other stories are getting stale.......
  • noshit
    No wonder some of the poor over that neck of the woods wanna fuck us right up. Supporting these fuckwits in charge with weapons of death so they can spend the dollar on this shit rather than bring fellow humans out of filth. die you cunts
  • d7llu
    @Shit in your Mouth "Supporting these fuckwits in charge with weapons of death" - You do know this story is based in Dubai, the last time I checked, Dubai doesn't have any "weapons of deaths". Not unless a "fuckwit" like you classes the Burj Khalifa as a "weapon of death", because it looks like a really really really really big needle! I know what, lets invade them, our country hasn't gone far enough down the shitter with all the wars we created Come to think about it, we didn't find any "weapons of deaths" in "eye-raq". Hhmmm, interesting. Give yourself a pat on the back, have a beer on me, but don't use your dole money for it. You might need it when you run out of the Lambert and Butlers. Why the praise? I hear you ask. Well my scrum of a friend, you deserve the noble prize for saying "so they can spend the dollar on this shit rather than bring fellow humans out of filth" Money is where the actual issue is. they have it, you don't, so now you hate them for it.
  • Grammar N.
    @ d7llu - Police and the military in Dubai have guns. Guns are weapons of death. However we don't support the Emirate with these, they don't need our support as they probably have more money than us.
  • noshit
    @d7llu Die you cunt. Or Laden Bin will get another bout of 'middle class' guilt and empty his load on your fat face.
  • Old N.
    More old news. They have had this car for ages. More recently from 2weeks ago they bought a Lamborghini Aventador. Last week they shipped in a Bentley and this weeks news they now have the new Aston Martin One-77. All this and you go for the Months old Ferrari news. Dubai police fined me for speeding last week - tossers!

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