Drunk woman performs sex act on flight

23 March 2015

Bitterwallet - British Airways Getting on a plane can be a worrying, trying experience at the best of times. Boarding a metal cylinder which hurtles through the air at huge speeds, with the potential for crashing into the hard, unforgiving earth, is enough to get your heart racing.

Imagine then, considering all that, how stressed passengers would be, if one of your fellow travellers has tried to settle their nerves with a stiff drink. Or ten. Thousand.

Well, in a flight from Jamaica which was landing at Gatwick, a lady got tanked up on booze and then started getting freaky.

The lady in question stripped off in front of her fellow passengers and then, with a flourish, decided to perform what is politely described as 'a solo sex act'.

The 46 year old lady had quite the time of it and then, on landing, was greeted by the police who were waiting on the tarmac, holding the handcuffs and waiting to book her for being incredibly drunk on an aircraft.

British Airways aren't in the mood for commenting on this incident.


  • Ummm
    She might be into handcuffs. And police uniforms.
  • jim
    and if a bloke had done the same..... what would have happened
  • this g.
    I imagine the same thing that happened to her...
  • The M.
    you cant do anything on a plane now - thanks a lot bin laden! :(
  • Mad B.
    Photos, or it never happened.
  • Sam
    I'm sure if a bloke had done it he'd get done for far more than 'being incredibly drunk on an aircraft'. He'd be done for indecent exposure and have to sign the sex offenders register presumably. And rightly so because behaviour like that in front of so many people possibly including children isn't acceptable and can't just be let go as a drunken mistake. I think the point is that this story is seeming to be taken as a light hearted joke story because it involved a woman and the police seem to be taking it the same way by only booking her for being drunk. While if a man had done this the story would be shown in a very different more serious light, as would his treatment by the police. There seems to be something wrong about that.

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