Drunk teenager throws hissy fit in McDonald's

6 October 2015

mcdonalds_logo Sometimes, you just have to take your punishment on the chin. If you're drunk or far too rude to service staff, and they tell you to leave, the best thing to do is get out of dodge and take it from there. Of course, some people really, really like causing a massive scene.

They may tell you that they're trying to get what should be rightfully theirs, but really, no-one ever got all up in a manager's face, called them a number of names and shoved them around, only for the staff to say "you know what? We've changed our minds and you can get served."

And so, to America where no-one can handle their ale, and a drunk teenager who wanted some kind of Big Mac at a McDonald's. In fact, it was a bacon jalapeño Mac and cheese, which sounds absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, drunk and underage, he decides to give the manager and staff a load of aggro, for aaaaaages. Seriously. The restraint on this manager is something else. The temptation to smack this little bozo must have crossed his mind countless times. We suspect a number of BW readers would've lobbed this kid out of the nearest window.

Either way, watch this video and have a think how you'd get on and to see how the drunk teenager acts like a massive wuss when the authorities arrive.


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  • jt
    It's not McDonalds.

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