Dribble over Burger King's Mac-Cheetos

Burger King's Mac-Cheetos

We love a heart-wrecking junk snack at Bitterwallet, and Burger King have just clog up our arteries with a single image of their new, fabulous looking Cheetos branded Mac & Cheese thing.

Look at the state of them. Dripping with bright yellow cheese and surrounded by fluorescent orange nonsense. We want them for every meal and you're invited to mock us at our imminent funeral.

The new product is called Mac 'n Cheetos, and will only be sold in America sadly.

They look like mozzarella sticks, and we want them shipped to the UK as soon as humanly possible please. It looks like BK will be working with other snacks too.

"We're partnering up with one of Americans' favourite brands," said Alex Macedo, president of North America at Burger King. "It's quite unique."

While McDonald's keep vowing to make their food healthier, Burger King are doing things right be vowing to go trashier - that's what you want from a fast food outlet right?

It's a nasty treat, not something you indulge in when you're wanting to look after yourself.

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