Domino's now serving wheelies

Domino's now serving wheelies

People who can do sustained wheelies are a rare and precious thing - that's why they're always doing them, every chance they get.

Including one Domino's delivery driver, so got on the back wheel of their scooter on the streets of Clapham.

Of course, there'll be some who will complain of dangerous driving, while others will just be worried at the prospect of a load of Mighty Meaty pizzas getting mangled in the back.

There's the small matter of landing correctly, after you've done a wheelie on a busy high street.

We'll let you watch it to see what happens.

This clip was taken by Twitter user @MY50R0 and has had a load of likes and RTs, so if Domino's want more free publicity, they should think about doing some Evel Knievel style stunts.

We'd watch, at any rate. There's not enough death-defying on our televisions.

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