Dollar razors heading to the UK

Dollar razors heading to the UK

Do you buy fancyish razor blades, and wonder why you're spending so much of your money on them? Largely, they're a rip-off, and that's something to do with so few companies producing them.

It's almost as if there's an artificially inflated price thanks to a monopoly. Lawyers, you'll note we said 'almost like'.

Well, some lads called Michael Dubin and Mark Levine agree, and have set up a thing where you can sign-up for a monthly subscription, and you get sent razors.

It is called the Dollar Shave Club, and you sign up for $1 a month, and get five cartridges of a two-blade razor, or $9 a month for four cartridges of a six-blade product called the 'The Executive.'

Now, it is only available in the US at the moment, but Unilever have just got involved with the company and are bringing it to the UK.

The Dollar Shave Club folks also made a genuinely funny advert for themselves too.

We liked the polio joke and the bear who doesn't catch.

Anyway, after the above video went live, they got 22 million views, their website crashed with traffic, and after 6 measly hours, they'd sold out of product.

Now, Uniliver is throwing £760 million at them, it puts them in direct competition with Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, and the rest.

We don't know what the UK pricing model is going to be, but if you can get a bunch of decent razors and shaving products for a couple of quid a month, then the competition is going to have to give everyone better deals, or lose their custom.

What do you think?

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