Desirable items: The Half Cover Underwear Boxer Brief Pants

pants Underwear news now, and the seemingly ongoing quest to make men's pants look deeply insane continues.

After we ran a story about the sickening half-thong (basically those cock thongs that rather demand you shave around that region, or else they'll look REALLY ridiculous) emerged, new fresh Hell has come to greet us.

These - so you can update your End Times Playsheet - are called 'Half Cover Underwear Boxer Briefs Pants' (I'm assuming 'Freakini' or 'WTFundercrackers' have been taken) and they are actually a thing that is available on eBay right now, after an underwear designer invented them during the throes of a mental breakdown.

There's not much more detail other than they're 'Comfy. Stylish. HOT' and that 'the colour may not be quite as advertised', which is quite helpful should anyone be demented enough to buy them.

If you know of someone who has partaken of these pants, and has since not looked back and thrown all their old pants away, please write in and tell us.


  • People P.
    do they do a version for gentlemen who dress to the right?
  • People P.
    ….. or does one turn them inside-out?
  • Gary
    Wonderful invention, I now get precisely half the amount of skid marks I used to get, and only 1 sweaty ball!

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