Delivery does exactly what the customers wants...

A lot of people have had trouble when it comes to delivery services not doing what they're supposed to. Couriers have left parcels on a roof, and some even steal the things they're supposed to be sending to you.

Well, one courier did exactly what the customer asked, even if they might have been taking the Michael.

The customer in question specifically asked for their parcel to be left under their doormat, at their front door. That's cool if you're getting an envelope delivered or maybe a jiffy bag at a push. This package was rather bigger than that.


As you can see from the instructions on the courier's reader, the customer requested this to be done, and we should applaud the worker for doing exactly what was asked, in an age when everyone complains about them.

This is clearly much better than getting a 'sorry, you were away' slip through the letterbox.

We imagine that the customer in question was probably having a laugh themselves at this request and, if not, well, they've only got themselves to blame.

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  • Cor R.
    Courier failed again. Clearly the mat has been placed on top the parcel. Courier should have had the courtesy to use the delivery vehicle's snow shovel to dig hole to accommodate parcel, with the mat subsequently retuned to its normal position. Hole should be big enough to accommodate a wheelie bin cos all couriers dump undeliverables in wheeelie bins.

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