Dear Orange, a word about your cinema ads

Somebody needs to point it out to you, Orange - your cinema ads suck ass these days.

Those exclusively-placed promos reminding people to switch off their mobiles were funny to start with - Roy Scheider was a gem - but for the past two years every man, woman and child in the cinema has sat screaming "GET ON WITH IT" in their mind when your hopeless efforts pop up. And now we have Gerard Depardieu. Oh dear god. Utter, utter horseshit. You've forgotten what was funny about the campaign to begin with.

This, Orange, this is what you need to make your name shine out in the darkness. Sign these guys up. Not Jack Black.


  • herpderp
    To be honest going to the cinema is crap nowadays anyway. Constantly had audio drop-outs and other problems when I went to see Horrible Bosses recently. My friends home cinema is better, but then again he spent a hell of a lot on it and calibrated it properly too.
  • Avon B.
    Is there *anybody* who can ruin any film quite as totally as Jack Black? He must have some very incriminating negatives in a vault somewhere; I certainly can't think of any other reason why he has a career.
  • Dick
    So he complains that someone else is talking but that starts munching the fucking popcorn.

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