Dead frog found in McDonald's wrap

4 November 2015

If you order a McDonald’s chicken wrap, you probably don't expect to find a whole, dead frog in it do you? If you do expect that, then you're a special kind of cynical.

Ten-year-old Cordellia Buckley stopped at a Maccies with her dad, Dave. She bit into her wrap and it tasted disgusting. No. Not for the usual reasons, but because of the frog.

Want to see it?

dead frog

Isn't that delightful?

Dave reckons it must have been put there as a Halloween prank by staff, but obviously, Cordellia isn't too amused by the whole thing. Gives a new meaning to having a frog in your throat, eh?

He said: "Everyone was just disgusted. It was the most horrible thing. She is fine with frogs, but you don’t want one in your mouth. It’s a health and safety risk. She could have caught salmonella. She doesn’t want to eat at McDonald’s ever again. I won’t go to McDonald’s again."

You want a closer look at it, don't you?


McDonald's are suspicious about the whole thing though.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: "The customer did not raise this with anyone in our restaurant. Food hygiene and safety is of utmost importance and we take matters like this very seriously. Our wraps are freshly prepared when ordered and it is extremely unlikely this originated from our restaurant and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise at this stage."

"We have asked the customer to return the item to us, so that we can investigate further."

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  • Han S.
    So someone put a frog in a wrap as a Halloween prank (which seems very unlikely) and his daughter bit in to it yet he didn't see the need to complain to the restaurant? Utter crap
  • kv
    you get more money out of them by plastering it all over social media, instead of just returning it like a normal person

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