Country Muslims: Can anyone shed any light on it?

I bet you didn't expect to see this when you got up this morning. Yep, its a confusing magazine that features tips on foraging in dustbins and 'Country Muslims'.


Lamb: Model's own.

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  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    Isn't that Roy Schneider on the cover? (RIP)
  • Mr W.
    Its a pity its this country.
  • kully
    It's weird how all these religious publications look the same.. Wonder if they use the same graphics company '-)
    F$%K OFF WARWICK HUNT you sad racist dickhead
  • Mohammed J.
    Take all your Jihad to he countryside you arrogant religious muslim pigs.
  • Nobby
    You should see the tea towel on the head edition.
  • Farzana
    Yeah posing as a Muslim and using the name "Mohammed" doesn't fool anyone you ignorant fool. No point in getting jealous of what you don't understand.....bless. Getting back to the adults, wow did not realise there was such a mag, has got my attention and will look into this....not a vlue whats its about though.....
  • Jack T.
    He looks happy... but the lamb looks worried.
  • smashingnicey
    oh dear BW is being hijacked by c*nts again. Not the usual funny c*nts but racist twatty c*nts. Pull em off - no need for that crap anywhere in the world!
  • james d.
    Bloody Muslims, coming over here, writing their own special interest magazines. /s
  • Jamie
    I wonder if he will beat the sheep like they do their women or just shag it?
  • Jamie
  • Selim
    As a Turkish Muslim I never heard about this magazine before. I liked it, thanks SonOffGunn:) Selim
  • Jax
    @Jamie I sense a bit of your own subconscious being expressed there.
  • Jamie
    Oh yeees Baaaaah
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    What are you thanking me for? I was just posting in response to my horror that the late film and tv icon Roy Schneider is being used promote such blasphemous literature. For shame! *shakes head*
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    As for the foraging in dustbins remark, I'm surprised such a feature would exist, give the fact that it's pretty much due to jihadists that most public dustbins in the UK have been done away with! Seriously, the other day in the train station with my lunch from MaccyD's, I had to walk 10 fucking minutes outside of the station just to find a bin to put my empty packaging in - thanks alot guys!
  • Jamie
    What a foooking liberty...... have to walk ten mins because of those bomb laden ba$tards, having our bins removed from society, what a foooking liberttttty
  • Miles B.
    Normally i would come on BW to get away of work stress. whats going on here is just not right people killing each other. i think Poster "Mof Gimmers" should explain what was so astonishing that he has to put this mag on it , he never seen a muslim or decent megazine. On top of that he is puting in ODD STUFF. what is so odd Mr. Gimmers ?
  • Jamie
    Hey Miles booth same here, I normally come on for the same reason but hey we only having a laugh, well i am !
  • me
    With all the racism going on on this article somebody forgot our religious: WTF IS DIS REAL?
  • Maude
    There is nothing racist about saying that Muslims are all cunts. Anyone that believes in any kind of religion is a cunt. Be told.
  • Jamie
    Actually Maude you have a very good point, I was watching one of those David Icke type documentaries about how religion is a complete farce, so I am with you there. I am cracking up as i write this, religion is actually bogus, its a load of old tosh Zeitgesit the movie explains it all. For you believers of religion this is a must see:
  • Atheos, A.
    Not all religions are shite. Atheism is cool. Because I, ATHEOS, do not exist by definition you can make up any old crap about me, anyone can define their own beliefs about me and I can be used to justify any atrocity. What other religion offers you all that. Except all of them.
  • AK
    To think an image brings out the racist and bigoted so easily in some posters above. I second Miles Booth questioning "MOF GIMMERS" reasons for the post. Are you a racist bigot? Answers on a postcard.
  • AK
    Preview article relating to the front cover:
  • Maude
    Religion spans multiple races, AK. There are plenty of white muslims. So, really, before you scream a knee-jerk "racist", think about just how cretinous such a statement would be.
  • AK
    Maude, if you want to pedantic about it, I'll happily add in xenophobic and or islamophobic in the mix? As you quite rightly say there are muslims of all skin colour, so would it be very odd to have "country" muslims? In any case, I still wonder about the rationale or lack of, of this very article and its blogger "MOF GIMMERS".
  • mo
    @ WARWICK HUNT & Jamie You mean that you are a racist scumbag who cannot judge any action, issue or situation without looking at the skin colour involved. You mean that you are so brainwashed by the BNP that you are not fit to reside in human company. You mean that you are a creature of such pure hatred and evil that you are to be denounced by everyone who knows you, up to and including your father, your mother and any children unfortunate enough to be cursed with you as a parent, as a twisted abhorrence and an affront to nature.
  • Maude
    You just don't seem to understand, AK. It's one thing to be scared of people from other countries (which is the real meaning of the word Xenophobia) or scared of Muslims/Islam (Islamophobia, this new word which has been coined). Quite another to have a general disdain for anybody that believes anything they are told about cloud wizards without questioning or reason. I think we would all be smirking if there was a picture of Thora Hird (PBUH) in a field holding a lamb around her neck emblazoned with the words "Country Christians". Please, get down off of the political correctness perch. You're at the wrong blog.
  • StriveToBeLikeMo
    they all strive to be like Mo; shack up with a nine year old girl etc etc - spread the word that all none believers are scum - lovely ideology dont you think? Not - dont need it dont want it not here in the UK or anywhere else - if this was Saudi i wouldnt even be allowed to write this... thinking about it I probabl am not im my own country which fought for free speech and human rights - yeah lets all go allah mad and live like the trash that just exists in all the muslim ruled countries of the world!
  • rightwingfascists
    Read the koran tehn mein kampf - very little difference especially if you're a jew.... get real and know the enemy! Also try getting a stamp in and english post office wearing a balaclava whilst women in front of you buy theirs with their hajib!!!! One rule for one... etc....

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