Councillors in sex shop mishap

Pendle / LoveHoney Those blessed souls at Pendle council have had to scrap their brand new logo, as it looks a bit too similar to that of a sex shop.

The branding for the Lancashire borough was drawn up by a local councillor, but was deemed too similar to that of Lovehoney - the sexual happiness people (aka a drop-in centre for all your lube and gag treats).

After spending a whole £3,000 on the project - and wasting no end of councillors valuable time - they insisted that no taxpayer's money was wasted on it [Not that councils find a myriad of other ways to waste our precious money, eh? - Ed.]

Upon seeing the results, Councillor Ann Kerrigan told her colleagues: "It wouldn’t do much for Pendle and I don’t think we should be associating our logo with this kind of thing."

They should've kept the symbol as both symbols represent a cavalcade of spectacular tools.


  • Her L.
    The two logos look nothing alike, move along please.
  • Alexis
    No, it just needs scrapping because it's yet another clichéd swoosh logo.
  • James E.
    They don't look similar, strange that, they person who thought of the similarity must have just brought something from lovehoney. And £3000 for a logo is nothing, think how much they spent on the london 2012 logo was it 0.4 million?
  • Obi K.
    Wrong kind of milky creaminess - Looks more like the logo Wall's Ice Cream than the sex shop logo

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