Council installs 'to be continued' path

Councils waste all manner of money on things that the public never get to enjoy (you should see how much some councils spend on biscuits for their millions of meetings, alone!).

However, the folks at Braintree council decided to spend some of the money taken from tax payers, on a joke.

As you can see from the image below, they have made a footpath which stops suddenly, saying ‘To be continued 2016’ on it. We think it is great, but then, we don't live in Essex.


Some locals aren't best please. Talking to Metro, pensioners have been moaning.

Alf Sadler, 71, says: "It doesn't surprise me. I wouldn’t trust this council to tarmac my driveway let alone a park path", with Yvonne Butcher, 60, adding: "It's like looking at the end of a film, except not that exciting.What were they thinking? Why spend all the money having it come out from the main path and not have it finished? It doesn't make any sense?"

We're just waiting for some stoners to be found at the end of the path, tittering and confused.

Wendy Schmitt, from Braintree Council says cabinet member for environment, says it'll be done at some point this year: "We’re looking forward to continuing with this project and its completion will enable commuters in the south and east of Braintree, to walk or cycle to the station."

What do you make of it?


  • Mr C.
    They probably didn't have enough left in their budget to do the whole path this financial year, but had a little bit left and needed to spend it on something. Probably thought if they didn't spend it they would get a lower budget next year - government would say that they can get by with a lower budget because they did not spend all of it. It's a bit of a silly way to do things, but that's how local government is.
  • Fagin
    Spend it or lose it, compared to the cost of a whole project in the next financial year it works out a cost saver. Stop moaning & think you Braintree pricks! ...well played on the councils part really.
  • bill
    That's not an excuse. They could have spent it planting flowers in the town, re-painting public area or something that would actuallly be visually beneficial. This is tacky and un-funny.
  • Keith t.
    I feel sorry for Alf Sadler, the unfinished path must be really infuriating for him. I do hope the council supply him with some wellies to cross the field safely. And Bill, they could have planted some flowers at the end of the path to look at.....oh, and it is FUNNY!!!

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