Control your sex toy through your Apple Watch

21 August 2015

Like having a bit of a fumble with your grumble? Tired of doing all the work manually? Well, good news onanists! A company has come up with a sex toy that you can rig up to your Apple Watch, making having a 'lie down' marginally easier.

A company called Lovense have brought out the 'Blush' and, with the smartwatch app, you can control your vibrator and have a thoroughly splendid time. You can even match it up to the speed of the music you're listening to. We suggest a nice, steady pace like some Chic songs that are 120bpm.

Or, for the adventurous, you can stick some Squarepusher or death metal and obliterate your innards. Whatever tickles your pickle.

The toy can be controlled through the Apple Watch or through an app on your phone if you prefer.

One thing that could be fun, is that you can allow someone else to take control of the device or, indeed, let someone 'sort you out' from afar if you're mucking around on Skype or whatever. It could be very good for long distance relationships, is what we're saying.

Or, y'know, you can frig with a bit of marrow or whatever it is you like doing. We're not the boss of you.

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  • NotDave
    I'll have to start writing that 'iGasm' app.

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