Confessions of a Window Company...

3 February 2014

If you visit the Halifax Trade Windows website, you'll find it is a hugely unremarkable place. However, when they run adverts, they are a lot more saucy.

As you can see below, they're using the kind of chat and imagery you might find in a London phonebox, with risque chat about PVC and all manner of whipping and bondage stuff.


Full marks to anyone who enjoyed and spotted 'Sod House' as well.

[spotted by avid Bitterwallet reader, Nikki]



  • Johnnie W.
    Disclaimer: do not visit Halifax expecting the local girls to look like that.
  • klingelton
    I can't look at that picture. My eyes are drawn to the crappy "feral trolley of the decade".
  • barry f.
    fuck off trolley
  • Ian
    Don't they mean whipping their competitors, not their customers?!
  • Gherkin M.
    My eyes, that trolley!¬

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