Condom machine won't serve you if you're drunk

condom Obviously, we make a lot of stupid decisions when we're drunk. Jumping off scaffolding for a dare, going to casinos and spunking our wages away, getting in scraps, and a whole load more.

We also have ill-advised hook-ups and sex, so anything that makes the process less likely to result in a pregnancy is good right? Well, not according to a machine called 'Johnny Be Good' (no, seriously). This machine, for some inexplicable reason, is activated by a breathalyser, and basically, if you're bladdered, it won't give you a condom.

This is the brainchild of Match, who found out that a third of single people have never shagged anyone for the first time, while completely sober. So, with that, they've launched an initiative to encourage everyone to have the chutzpah to date sober, and this breathalyser machine is just the job apparently.

Or people will take a chance on going bareback because they're drunk and feeling a bit reckless.

And where are Match sharing this initiative and showing off their sober-nodder machine? Of course, they've got it positioned in a pub in London. That's right - they've put it in a building where you go actively go to drink booze, and maybe get some Dutch-courage before you have to take your clothes off in front of a stranger.

Congratulations Match, on what might be the most redundant machine in the UK right now.


  • Ian
    So what's to stop you using it sober, before getting absolutely shitfaced? Someone got paid for this "clever" marketing stunt.
  • Albi
    Nice way to increase STDs Match
  • Jessie J.
    Utter shite. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea, mongtards. Take me down like I'm a domino.
  • Bob
    Surely it should dispense a FREE condom if your bladdered otherwise what's the point...

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