Cineworld slash online ticket prices and scrap booking fees

ForYour You correspondent has only been to a Scottish cinema once in his wretched life, to see middling Bond flick For Your Eyes Only in Aviemore back in 1981. But if he was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event by visiting a Scottish cinema again, it would almost certainly be a Cineworld one.

That’s because they are reducing ticket prices for online bookings as of today, as well as scrapping the 70p booking fee. The move is a trial, hence the restriction to Scotland for the time being, but as Cineworld are describing it as “a game-changer for the entertainment industry”, it’s fair to say they’ll be looking to roll it out across the rest of the country.

Justin Skinner, the company's vice-president of marketing, said: "Booking fees are disliked by customers, and the notion of a discount for booking online is synonymous with the web. Cineworld is now leading the way by providing what our customers have been asking for: no booking fee and discounts online.”

Now then Justin, how’s about slashing the prices of snacks and legalising the twatting around the head of lairy teens and people who repeatedly kick the backs of our seats?


  • Phil76
    Any chance of some numbers, or at least a link to a half-decent source that actually bothers to tell you how much of a discount they're offering?
  • Phil76
    On further reflection, it seems every news source has the same useless information to regurgitate. From this, I can only assume that the reduced ticket price is so marginal that they're embarrased to annouce it. For what it's worth, unless they can get it down to £5 per ticket any day of the week they can stick it - I'll wait the 6 months for the DVD to come out.
  • singhster
    Bunch of wangers. Charging a fee for using a website, therefore reducing their staffing needs. Who do they think they are, Ryanair? The discount will be shit too.
  • Sockatume
    The booking fee is £0.70 per ticket to a maximum of £4.20, according to the App. Of course I never book a ticket because as a reliable, valued Unlimited customer I can't book tickets at all. What convenience!
  • markymark
    I took a full roast dinner on a tray into my local Cineworld and the bastard security drone said I couldn't. Aren't there laws against restrictive practices?
  • Dick
    @markymark. No, they are legally entitled to ban you consuming all food and drink you bring in from outside. Same as any pub or restaurant can.
  • Stu_
    @singhster Sucks doesn't it. As soon as there's a decent flick on, you have to queue up all day with the plebs. Last Potty Harry film, we had to wait a week as the website said it was booked out so we didn't even bother queueing. I do wonder why I bother with the unlimited card. Although it has it's benefits if you combine it with Orange Wednesdays.

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