China invents toilet-fines for wayward widdlers

21 August 2013

bite_me_toilet_300 Authorities over in Shenzhen, China, have announced plans to fine people who make a mess in the city's public toilets. As of next month, defecators could be charged for urinating outside the bowl.

A city government official said: "Such uncouth use of a public toilet will be fined 100 yuan ($16/ £10) by authorities."

Not specified are the levels of 'spillage' that will constitute a violation, and of course, this has created something of a shit storm in China.

One user on a Chinese social networking site said: "A number of new civil servant positions will be created. There will be a supervisor behind every urinating person to see whether the pee is straight."

Another added: "Very good measures. I expect they can create 20 jobs on average for every public toilet."

Would you like to see this sort of thing in Britain? Maybe they'll introduce CCTV into all cubicles to make sure you're not wazzing up the walls or crapping all over the cistern?

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  • Dacouch
    At least you can't accuse the authorities of taking the piss
  • Blabber
    But they are taking pictures of it.
  • Worried P.
    and they will find you from their dna data files? have a boss you don't like, lift his pee and place it in public? wow fun times!

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