Chester Cheetah moves in on Tony the Tiger's cast-offs

Yesterday, we told you about Tony the Tiger pre-emptively blocking furries who wanted to send the fictional feline pictures of their nether regions.

Well, another pretend animal has been sidling up to these furries (we explained what they are in yesterday's piece, but basically, it is grown humans who like dressing up as animals), sniffing around Tony's cast-offs on Twitter.

No. Seriously.

chester slides in

It is 2016, and a mascot for cheesy crisps is winking at the sexual advances of actual adults on the internet.


So there you go. Tony is obviously a prude, while Chester Cheetah from Cheetohs world, is a mucky bugger. The key thing here - what does Coco The Monkey think about all this? Is he sliding into people's DMs promising to make their milk turn chocolatey?

What do you think?

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