Check everything is pork-free with the Halal test kit

halal test A food testing kit which allow you to check if your purchase is Halal or not could soon be a thing in the UK.

Halal Test, which launched in France this week by French start-up Capital Biotech, uses immunochromatography, which is the same technology used for pregnancy tests, to detect traces of pork in food, cosmetics and medicines.

The portable test, which costs €6.90 each or €125 for a pack of 25, had already attracted considerable interest from several companies in the UK and further afield.

Halal Test is currently available only in France through traditional retail channels or online, but the makers of the kits reckon the UK is a very interesting market to develop further.

The test is packaged with a small tube into which a food sample is mixed with warm water. A test strip is then inserted into the tube, and after a few minutes reveals whether any pork traces are present by displaying two lines for a positive result and one for a negative result.

It can also sniff out alcohol in food products too, like a proper party pooper. The company is also developing a test that can detect how an animal was killed too. It's all glamour, basically.

Capital Biotech said: “There are similar tests which use similar technology, but they are much more complicated to use, and require a special liquid extraction buffer usually containing ethanol. We concentrated our research efforts to simplify the use of these tests and get rid of the liquid extraction buffer, which makes them easy to use by anyone and anywhere.”

Imagine that - going to a restaurant and pulling out a mini laboratory and making the rest of your family wait for your findings while their food goes cold.


  • Mr C.
    It's a little misleading calling it a Halal test, the absence of pork doesn't necessarily mean meat is Halal - Halal is a method of killing the animal which this can't test for.
  • reginald
    This is such a con trick. You would have to buy the actual food/product beforehand, in order to test for positive or negative traces. I wonder if theyve got a gadget to test for horsemeat in burgers?
  • Mr M.
    Presumably there's a kosher test as well, in as much as it will check there's no pork present.
  • Alexis
    Presumably the cause of death will determine whether the flesh is fully drained of blood, thus confirming the animal suffered a lovely exit strung upside down, throat slashed and gallons of blood draining away before its terrified, panicked eyes.

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