Cheap music alert! Buy tracks for 20p at

Bitterwallet - mflow.comMusic start-up mflow lets you stream five million tracks without ads and without needing to pay a subscription.

The website won't have all the music you're after; it has deals with three of the major labels - EMI, Universal and Sony, but not Warner.

Regardless, that's not going to stop you snapping up music on the cheap - right now, mflow are selling thousands of tracks for just 20 pence each. Just sign up, search and off you go. I'm off to buy up the back catalogue of Jesus Jones - and just see if I don't.


  • mark
    pity the website doesnt work :-S
  • Steve O.
    It works brilliantly. More's the pity you're still using a shitty browser like an old version of Internet Explorer (in all likelihood). Been addicted to mflow since reading this yesterday. Free £1 each with XMAS and BIRDISTHEWORD codes too, and the download 10 tracks for free when you Tweet or Facebook update about them.

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