Channel 4's ticket-reselling investigation nails Viagogo

viagogo-official-madonna-ticket-partner Well, there’ll be some awkward moments in the office at Viagogo this morning after last night’s Dispatches documentary on Channel 4. We all know that the event tickets game is riddled with things that make us all want to vomit everywhere, like booking fees, bewildering fees for tickets that you print at home, touting and getting a seat behind a tall, hat-wearing person.

The ‘fan-to-fan’ reselling websites are pretty disgusting too. We’re talking about the likes of Viagogo, Seatwave and Getmein. That sector got a bit of a shoeing on last night’s documentary, with Viagogo taking the worst of it.

Undercover reporters showed how Viagogo staff snapped up tickets for gigs as they went on sale, using multiple credit cards, before listing them on the site at inflated prices. Additionally, allegations were made that blocks of tickets were sold to Viagogo directly from promoters, with the money being split between both parties. We’ve got a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear of all of this.

If you missed it, the Dispatches programme can now be seen over at the 4OD website. And if you do want to get involved in fan-to-fan ticket reselling, we’d recommend Scarlet Mist, where tickets can be purchased at face value.


  • Anony-nonny-no
    I used to work in ticketing. The stuff that came out last night is nothing. NOTHING. compared to the shit that goes on and has been going on for years and will go no for years to come. Whilst I could name specific bands, lets just say that the big bands, the ones that sell out stadiums at eye-watering face value ticket prices know exactly what's going on because they get a cut too, of everything, booking fees, secondary sales, your first born child...... Allegedly.
    The face value price of tickets is already astronomical ! The only way that anything is ever going to be done about this is if ALL fans boycott these events !! NO ONE buy tickets !! This programme has proved that the organisers are as much to blame as these scumbags ... so the artists need to take more responsibility too, and make sure the people organising their events are legit and fair.
  • Paul N.
    @Anony-nonny-no - Want to write up a piece for us? Anonymously. [email protected]
  • The B.
    A 3 day festival is now £200, for that I could fly to Barcelona, stay in a halfway decent hotel and get trollied.
  • Kevin
    Of course the big bands etc get a big cut, they all get given x number of tickets to resell as a matter of course and contract. The venues can sell whatever tickets they want to these companies if they want to as they can do what they want. Not buying the tickets is a good idea, grassing up touts and stopping people from buying from touts outside gigs would be good steps. Problem is all the big gigs people aren't going to go without. Scarlet Mist is a nice idea, but if there aren't any tickets available to the normal people it's going to be pretty pointless! Now we have one law making reselling tickets (for the Olympics) has gone through it'll show how good it can be to change the existing laws.
  • Richard
    It does seem outrageous at first glance but tbf this is only works because some people are willing to pay these high prices for tickets. This is something with an obvious limited capacity, it's not like they can lower prices to sell more tickets if the stadiums already sold out so if the demand is there to sell out a stadium at an apparently high price then why shouldn't they. What's the alternative, that you register for tickets and they're just given out randomly?? Sounds even more unfair to me and a bit too communist. :-P
  • Anony-nonny-no
    @paul Nikkel Yep, happy to have a bash. Sent you a brief e-mail
  • Mustapha S.
    Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit? I heard Tescos buy products from the local farmer, and bang on a huge markup, but I don't see channel 4 making some program moaning about the price of sprouts. If you don't like profiteering, then China is that ->way.
  • Doreen
    It did make me laugh! Are people really this stupid not too realise that this was going on and that it has always gone on? And of course the bands are making a cut. With the very top bands only making 10% of record sales, the only way bands make money are concerts and if fans are willing to pay the price, well that's your business!!!
  • viaziz
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